How is the PerlMonks FAQ maintained?

Members of the Site Documentation Clan have the ability to edit and add to the contents of the PerlMonks FAQ section.

SiteDocClan members are always on the lookout for ways to improve the documentation at PerlMonks, both in quantity and quality. Ordinary Monks have input to this process as well. Ideas for new documents, and alerts to where existing documentation can be improved, are always welcome. To submit such requests, send a message to SiteDocClan. All of the SDC members will see your message.

To deal with the complexity of managing the Monastery's documentation, the SiteDocClan have a number of wikis they use to plan and coordinate their activities:

The SiteDocClan wiki

is a general discussion forum for the Clan. They use it bandy about ideas for proposed new documents or document changes, for example, as well as SDC business not directly relating to document creation/modification.

The SDC Master Plan Wiki

contains the SiteDocClan's documentation style guide, some node creation functions, and various other resources.

The SDC To-Do wiki

is the Clan's laundry list of things that need to be done. Historically, items don't get added to this until the moment the SDC member is about to go do it, but that's OK. Over time, this wiki becomes a log of these activities.

You need to be a member of SiteDocClan in order to access these wikis, of course.

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