Recently I started a discussion with an intended-obvious recreational purpose (golfing stuff), but it became quite serious along the thread involving for instance efficiency as a programming principle.
I have never taken golfing nor obfuscation seriously, but just as "programming fun", things to be done during spare time so I got quite puzzled seeing there are people that take these things far too seriously than I thought... so I came back on the thread with an entirely serious post presenting some "real" code on the subject.
Grinder shed some light to me in a private conversation telling me that My main concern was that people might take the solutions presented and apply them to real world solutions. I just wanted something on the record as to why it's a bad idea. The very next moment I realized that was the reason why more than a year ago I was getting kinda sick of PerlMonks, because the humorous articles (I should also include the ones that reiterate for the thousandth time the same weary subject) outnumbered those in which I have had a real interest reading/studying them. So grinder is very right! (*bow*)
Even if others still use to raise the noise level, I think that is still a good thing if at least one of the fellow monks knows how to keep his mouth shut when necessary, leaving funny stuff for the Chatterbox or for other online (or IRL) discussions that are suited for such things :)
I still (and hopefully will always) think at PerlMonks as a sublime "interactive Knowledge Base" that keeps my "improving-light" on, so it doesn't worth spoiling it with noisy stuff that obviously raise big stone before people that want to learn something from us.