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I'm not a very high level monk, and I think this is an interesting idea. Unfortuantely, I don't forsee this as a true probability. Many of the monks simply do not have enough time on a monthly basis to post an indepth tutorial, thesis, HOWTO, or FAQ. If a monk is unable to fulfill his monthly educational posting obligation, what will his punishment be? I think it would be quite unfair to drop someone 100+ experience because they were unable to provide an educational, indepth post. Another problem with this is that some people are not graced with excellent writing abilities. Small posts that provide concise answers to questions are simple, however, larger, more complex posts that require elaboration on a given topic are impossible for some monks, and they should not be held back because they are unable to write FAQ's, HOWTO's, or Tutorials. Some people can provide direct answers to questions, and others excel at writing Tutorials, FAQs, and HOWTOs. I don't think it's right to hold someone back for something they simply cannot do.

Just my thoughts,

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RE: RE: Higher level posts
by toadi (Chaplain) on Jul 09, 2000 at 12:23 UTC

    I like this last post! I think the XP-system is good...
    It's rewarding to come back to PM to just vote everyday and to read new nodes and to answer them. It also is good to get a fast answer on a node because most monks come everyday to cast their votes. This site is based on interaction between their members. The cortibution is not only in writing FAQ's, HOWTO's and giving answers to nodes but also voting. There are monk discussions, well getting XP to vote and to answer these nodes is also important.

    So IMHO you also could get a higher status to vote, write/answer nodes and interact with all the users AND come back everyday to this site. Well you need to motivate people to come to this site(even people who aren't perl guru's) every day and not just when they need a answer to their node!

    Maybe... giving a higher impact of votes cast by higher monks is maybe ... the only change that could be done ...

    My opinions may have changed,
    but not the fact that I am right