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So I've got a functioning .pl script that runs without errors, listening for network traffic. I decide to use PerlApp to make it a freestanding .exe file.

The program is built with no errors, but when it runs it dies with the following error:

Can't locate object method "Select" via package "IO::Select" at IO/ line 168. The IO::Select module is being added at compile time, so that's not the problem. When I look at line 168 of IO::Socket I don't see what the problem is--it's just a require statement for Select.

Oddly, when I built the .exe as a non-freestanding application (requiring Perl on the box) it runs without this error.

Has anyone seen this before, and is there a way to make it work??? I really can't install Perl on the systems this is going to run on (as much as I might want to).