at.exe is a commandline scheduler on Win32, similar in concept to *nix cron and at.   It's run from a cmd.exe window, and allows you to add, remove, and view scheduled commands.   Other tools exist for MS-Windows scheduling, but are outside the scope of this document.


(at time /date command)

at 2:00 /every:Th C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe C:\perls\ --options --and --arguments

at 14:00 /next:T C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe C:\perls\ --options --and --arguments



  • at.exe evidently runs in an environment with no path to perl.exe.   Therefore the script must be called in this form: drive:\path\to\perl drive:\path\to\


  • cmd.exe commands apparantly cannot exceed 256 characters.   See Win32::AdminMisc below to get around this.
  • at.exe is included only in true 32bit versions of MS-Windows (NT, 2k, XP), and isn't part of 16bit versions of MS-Windows (3.(0|1)|9(5|8)|me).   If one of the latter group is your development platform, you have my deepest condolances.   %^P
  • Mistakes in this doc are quite possible - corrections, additions, and rotton kiwifruit welcome.   Well, maybe not the rotton fruit.

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Update: thanks to to replying monks for pointing out what appears to be substantial problems with win32 at.   I've not encountered problems myself, but have no reason to doubt that they exist.   Please, read the rest of this thread for yourself *before* using my examples in any situation that's at all important.   Caveat Usor