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I very much agree with "once and only once", my origins as a programmer were steeped in Asm and C. I realized quickly how it sucked cutting and pasting code (or making changes), then hunting down all the errors I cut and pasted. But on the other hand, I do a lot of CGI and including a dozen odd modules (and there includes) can quickly kill response time. (mod_perl isn't always an option.)

I'm not advocating people not use modules, but for myself, when it is something like this, were it amounts to a a few lines of code, I tend to keep it in a snippet file and cut and paste it into the source. In the simplest form..
sub add { my ($self,$name,$value) = @_; return if $name !~/^\w+$/; my $pack = ref $self; no strict 'refs'; *{$pack.'::'.$name} = sub : lvalue { $Attrs{+shift}->{$name} }; }
seems extreme for a module. On the other hand, if your attributes are more complex it could easily become worthy of using a module.

And yes I was confusing you with the poster, my bad.


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