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I've been struggling with this for about an hour and I feel like I am dancing around the answer, but just not getting it. You can see I have problems understanding references...

I pass over an array in a for loop and want to stuff values into a defined hash. The hash being called is created from a value within the array

for my $i(@asnValues) { my @asnParams = split(/ /,$i); my $asnHash = "asn$asnParams[0]"; }

I'd then like to put other array values into this hash within the same for loop

$$asnHash{risk} = $queueNsp[2];

I receive the error about can't use string as hash ref while strict refs. So I tried

my $asn = "asn$asnParams[0]"; my $asnHash = \%{$asn};

but still it was a no go. Can someone please school me on the correct manner of doing this? I'll beat it into my skull by day's end.

thanks very much -c