Film at 11!

PerlMonks has been undergoing some issues lately, and we're doing our best to deal with them. Things are hopefuly a lot better then they were a week or two ago, and will continue to improve. In the meantime, the vote fary (the nightly process that gives people their allotment of votes) hasn't been running. I'm writing this node primarly to let you know that it isn't just you. Everybody has been affected equaly. (Well, everybody has recived no votes. The number of votes they didn't recive varies by level, just as it normaly does.)

Perlmonks uses three servers, generously donated to us by the good folks at Pair Networks. The database server has recently been running slow. It's recived a new version of FreeBSD, a new compile of MySQL, and another 512MB of RAM, all compliments pair. Last night, the DB server was down for a little while, around when the vote fary was supposted to run. Everybody simply assumed that that was the reason she didn't run, and that it would fix itself.

A god will probably run the vote fary manualy, and fix the problem, shortly. In the meantime, <font size="large" style="friendly">DON'T PANIC</font>. Everything is under control.

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