in reply to Lily: Yet Another New Mail Notification Utility

  Hiya brer itodd,
First off, welcome to the Monastery, and thanks for sharing your perlish efforts.   8^)

A couple thoughts come to mind, yo.   You'll likely get more+better response by including your Lily code in the post itself rather than offsite-linking to it.   Within <code> tags and after a <readmore> tag, and without syntax highlighting too, as it doesn't play friendly with the different Monastery color themes.   Not a big huge hairy deal, rather a courtesy to all the fine monks.

If you send a private /msg to one or two of the editors, they'd probably let you update your post thusly.

Re: the code itself:   I don't pretend to be any kind of expert perler to critique, but one thing comes to mind - "The Dynamic Duo --or-- Holy Getopt::Long, Pod::UsageMan!" might could do some nice for the Usage and Arguments sections near the top.
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