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In attempting to use Mail::POP3Client to access mail on an OpenBSD 3.2 system running popa3d, I have found that I get an error in my daemon log: "Authentication failed for UNKNOWN USER". I can connect to this pop server via telnet to 110 and issue the USER and PASS commands successfully. Running the pop server through a script in inetd.conf to pipe through tee - to capture my input and output to the pop server - I see that a successful connection yeilds one "^M" after each line - and my example perl script yeilds two control M's. Does anyone have a clue how I can either get around this - or perhaps recommend a different module to use with the popa3d? Thanks - weenie

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Re: Re: Mail::POP3Client
by weenie (Initiate) on Apr 27, 2003 at 19:06 UTC
    I posted this question before joining the Monestary. This is my Question - so if anyone has an answer you can send it on to me - thanks.