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The image was created using South Park Studio and Gimp.

I was introduced to the monastry by physi. He was my boss in a project.

I picked my name from Robert Asprin's books about M.Y.T.H. Inc. which I really love.

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perlmonk nodes I often use:

My perl skeleton

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Getopt::Long qw(:config no_ignore_case); use Pod::Usage; my ( # options $verbose, $debug, $file, @columns, ); $file= 'default.txt'; help() unless GetOptions( 'v' => \$verbose, 'verbose!' => \$verbose, 'debug+' => \$debug, 'file=s' => \$file, 'c|column=i' => \@columns, 'h|help' => \&help, 'm|man' => \&man, ); sub help { pod2usage(-verbose=>1); } sub man { pod2usage(-verbose=>2); } print "OKAY\n"; # Program goes here... =head1 NAME Getopt::Long / Pod::Usage skeleton =head1 SYNOPSIS [options] =head1 DES‎CRIP‎TION This is a skeleton I use when creating a new perl s‎crip‎t =head1 OPTIONS =over 4 =item B<-v> verbose outoput =item B<-d> =item B<-debug> debug mode =item B<-file> F<filename> specify the file to work with =back =head1 BUGS none yet =head1 TODO much =cut

Things I might need (again) in the future:

bit-vec for more than 31 bits.

my $vec = []; sub setBit { my($vec, $offset, $val)= @_; my $index= $offset >> 31; my $subset= $offset & 0x7fffffff; $vec->[$index]||=''; vec($vec->[$index], $subset, 1)= ($val & 1); } sub getBit { my($vec, $offset)= @_; my $index= $offset >> 31; my $subset= $offset & 0x7fffffff; $vec->[$index]||=''; return vec($vec->[$index], $subset, 1); }
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