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This is an excellent idea in general, not just in CPAN modules. In the places I've worked, we've often had QA people who didn't understand the first thing about the operating system they were on. I've often had to build in 'testing' conditions into the code just so the QA people can test their code. I know this sounds bad, because they would be testing against the test versions of code and databases instead of the production versions; however, getting them to even understand that concept wasn't easy. The idea of them actually remembering to type something like ". ~/.project_test.ksh" was laughable.

(Please note that not all QA people with whom I've worked have been this way, but more than a few have; I'm sure we could all swap stories. If the slumping economy has had one positive effect, it's that we can now pick and choose better QA people than in the last few years.)

Anyway, I often provide "-P" and "-T" options (where applicable) to force things to production and test, respectively. It saves time, as merlyn noted, and forces one to consider development/test/production issues early, rather than later when they would need to be shoe-horned in awkwardly.

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