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I don't know if this works - away from my trusty Linuxbox - but it is a good idea. A pure perl Archive::Zip would be a really _brilliant_ idea - great for app packaging.

A few comments just from reading the source:

I'm just looking for nitpicks, you understand. It seems like very nice, clear code.

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Re: Re: Archive::Ar - pure perl way to handle Ar archives (comments encouraged)
by JayBonci (Curate) on May 05, 2003 at 15:06 UTC
    Heya, thanks for taking a look. In response:
    1. Typically all of the functions anyone would want to use are like_this, and everything that's "internal" is _likeThis or _like_this. I guess it's just a matter of style.
    2. I wasn't sure about the exporting, and learned my mistake several versions out. It's fixed in he one that's in CPAN.
    3. I actually come from C. The $self vs. $this thing
    4. I use $verbose == 0 because calling DEBUG() without parameters turns it on. With a 0 parameter, it turns it off. It needs to be numerically false and existing.
    5. The unless fileno thing is a good suggestion, and i'll update it when I put through some module fixes tonight.
    It needs some compatibility testing. A pure perl Archive::Zip does sound like a good idea. hmmmm....