in reply to My favorite color for the Handspring Visor is...

I love my visor :) Oh, and it's Blue. (Mind you I had a hell of a time getting it to Australia - But thats another story)

But to bring it back into pm context. I have been trying to get linux up and running on the thing. Which is possible and I have working, thanks to the wonderful people behind uClinux. Sure, at the moment I cant actually input any text into the thing (no usb support yet, though it is coming, and no button/pen support) so I just sit there and watch commands that I stuck in the rc file execute :), but hey its pretty amazing.

So what has this got to do with perl? Well, there are people out there attempting to port perl to uClinux! There isnt too much going on, but one day I'm pretty sure it will get there.