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Who do you mean by we?

Let me speak for myself. I showed up out of nowhere. I tread on a few toes. I admit it. But I have tried to be helpful and polite, I have an offer on my home node for anyone who dislikes me. As I say there, I won't repeat names of anyone who takes me up on it. I will say that nobody has yet taken me up on it though.

Many (most?) people here have welcomed me. But I have also watched in disbelief as I answer several questions to the best of my ability and they get downgraded one after the other. Which is why today no post of mine appears in the list of best posts of the day...

(Please do not react to that by modding me up across the board either. I don't particularly care if my rating moves more slowly. I really would dislike being the center of any more politics than is necessary. Besides which, as long as whoever it is doing that keeps on doing that, they cannot use their votes against someone who actually would be bothered. :-)

The only reason that I am bringing this up is that I have been told by several that I am far from the first person that this has happened to. Please, if you think that my posts do not make a positive contribution, /tell me in person what specifically you object to. If you think it warrants public discussion, then post your opinion as an anonymous monk. A very good place to do that is in response to this post.

But a small clique should not decide for everyone who they do and do not want to be around, then organize an effort to drive the unwanted people away. If I was the only person this happened to, well that isn't a big deal, there are jerks out there and I long ago learned to accept that. In that case I would not want to inflame the situation by posting this. But it appears that it is far from just me, so I will.


Inside of an hour of posting the above I had been downmodded across the board enough to lose several xp. Among the posts that were hit was The path to mastery which I really doubt anyone considered of particularly poor quality. But I cannot honestly say that nobody has told me they were offended by me because someone did, "Just so you can't say that nobody told you that." I did not receive an explanation though of exactly why this post caused offence... (In truth I think it might have been a joke..)