Perlmonks is really one of the best resources Perl has. I think without the monastery I would probably still be coding in a fairly horrid manner. I am constantly amazed by the help given to total newbies by people who are really at a very high level of expertise. Anyway, enough flattery.

I have decided to get my hands dirty, be a real man (grrowl) and brave the world of C++. Mainly to hack KDE, it has to be said, but perhaps also in the theory that a gritty, macho language might be useful for employment at some point. My question is, what are the best C++ community resources? I'm looking for a place with like-minded people. You know, real men. Men who don't mind getting their hands dirty, real close to the iron, helping an inexperienced boy. (All together now: Y-M-C-A ...)

A massive flamewar beneath your chosen depth has not been shown here