in reply to What you refuse to see, is your worst trap

I agree wholeheartedly with this meditation, but wish to add a word of caution. I generally relish peer review and comments about coding, algorithms etc. However, in a recent project an "expert" from outside the team was called in. He looked over the project and said, "use this structure instead". When I objected that his structure had faults a, b and c, he said, "think of egoless programming". His point was that clearly I could not see the faults in my own design. In fact, he spoke out of his lack of understanding -- his design was mildly easier to implement, but provided significantly reduced functionality. Occasionally, disagreement may be based in reality and not just ego protection.

We have to be cautious of this and seek not just one but a broad range of opinions. This is true not only when others disagree with us, but when they agree as well... We also have to be open to suggestions of alternatives.