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Greetings Monks,

Unlike all the rest of the WxPerl objects, WxGrid->new() seems to return a scalar rather than a hashref (thus preventing me from subclassing it), as shown below.

use Wx qw(:everything ); use Wx::Grid; *Wx::App::OnInit = sub {1}; my $a = Wx::App->new; my $f = Wx::Frame->new( undef, -1,''); my $p= Wx::Panel->new($f,-1); my $s= Wx::ScrolledWindow->new($p,-1); #Grid derives from this my $g = Wx::Grid->new($p,-1); print "$p\n$s\n$g\n";
...which prints
Wx::Panel=HASH(0xdeadbeef) Wx::ScrolledWindow=HASH(0xbaddeed) Wx::Grid=SCALAR(0xfeeddad)
...under ActiveState 5.8.0 with WxPerl 0.15, using the 8xx PPM fom the WXPerl site.

There was no Wx_Grid defined in the distro's typemap, (everything else is a 'O_WXOBJECT') so I presumed this was the root of the problem, but as nobody here or on the WxPerl mailing list seems to have posted anything about this, I wondered if I was missing something?