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Im trying to sort a hash (largest first,then down to smallest) into an array based on some criteria ive specified. I am unable to determine if my sorting method is wrong or if the way im working with it is wrong, so i figure i better ask someone else.
%reversed = reverse %hash; @sorted = sort {sorter($a, $b)} keys %reversed; foreach $key(@sorted) { print $key; print $co->a ( {-href => "/References/$reversed{$key}"},$reversed{$key} ), $co->p; }
thats pretty much how i call the subroutine and what i am doing with it
sub sorter { $a = shift; $b = shift; if($hashYear{$a} < $hashYear{$b}) { return $a; } elsif($hashYear{$a} == $hashYear{$b}) { if($hashMonth{$a} < $hashMonth{$b}) { return $a; } elsif($hashMonth{$a} == $hashMonth{$b}) { if($hashDay{$a} < $hashDay{$b}) { return $a; } } } else { #b is greater than a (or, in a rare case the are completly equal) return $b; } }
And this is my sorting criteria. hashYear,month,and day are just small numbers that kind of sort out which is the newest (based on which is larger). Does anyone see anything that jumps out at them as being wrong?