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This script will do what you want, provided that your file is not too big for your memory.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; my $start_flag = '<REANALYZED>'; my $stop_flag = '</REANALYZED>'; my $replacement = <<'REPL'; "z:\path\newfilename1.ext" GL "z:\path\newfilename2.ext" GL "z:\path\newfilename3.ext" GL "z:\path\newfilename4.ext" GL "z:\path\newfilename5.ext" GL "z:\path\newfilename6.ext" GL REPL open ORIGINAL, "< original.txt" or die "can't open original file\n"; my $original; { local $/; $original = <ORIGINAL>; } close ORIGINAL; $original =~ s/ $start_flag .*? (\s*) $stop_flag \n /$start_flag\n$replacement$1$stop_flag/gsx; open COPY, "> copy.txt" or die "can't write to copy\n"; print COPY $original; close COPY;