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Some thougts of mine in this discussion (thanks for bringing it up turnstep):

The Monastery Gates is in a bad neighbourhood called The Internet. On the internet there are all sorts of stuff, some bad, some good.

Everyone knows that, and most people tolerate it or don't care.

If you think of this site as a part of the internet, you'll be fine but if you try to think of it as your local network, you'll be lost.

The "problem" with PM is that you start feeling at home here, and you would like it to be your local network :) Monks care when other monks get yelled at/downvoted without proper reasons and we have had much of those discussions the past few months. That's a good thing and nothing you'll see on many other sites around.

The question that arises here is wether or not, and to what degree, we want to let the Internet mentality enter The Monastery Gates. Is it possible to have a place like PM in our neighbourhood? I don't know. On the Internet, I don't go to sites with annoying HTML markup or embedded MIDI music (how can anyone like that!) and I disable JavaScript, ActiveX, etc. when I enter an unknown/distrusted site. Or use Lynx.

In the PM site, I don't push those home node buttons and I would stop vistitng home nodes with broken HTML or other irritating content. The thing that I really would dislike would be if something happened behind my back, e.g. onLoad="make_t0mas_annoyed();", out of my control... A node with such content would be a clear candidate for Nodes To Consider and deletion IMO.

A rule would make me happy:
Nothing on the PM site is supposed to happen without me saying so. If I click on a "Please erase my disk" button - it's my fault, but if I get the disk erased without saying so, I would get mad.

I actually like JavaScript and good use of HTML tags, they can make page shine a bit brigher, and I advocate their use. And I believe that the golden rule still stands: Do to others what you would have them do to you.

/brother t0mas