I've been having some difficulties at work lately. It stems from the IS admin, a nice fellow of a man. I won't use his real name. I'll call him J'oe, for that's a contraction of John Doe, after all.

J'oe is a good man. Happy, cheerful, caught in the line between Geek and Mundane. (Or Muggle if you're a Potter-ite) J'oe however does not like Perl. I've tried to show him the happiness I find from Perl. I design the webpage at my work, and have built a few trinkets and geegaws in the blessed language. I recently asked J'oe if he would approve a $500 departmental expense to get a cheap Linux box, so that I could move the Perl code off my machine at home (A mere 486). J'oe didn't go for it. He said he really didn't want to install a Linux machine on the network. I don't think J'oe embraces the penguin. He told me I could use ASP for my dynamic webpage coding. And third party software like "Tango" for the DB processing and CGI programs. How appropriate that a Perl demon deals in asps.

I told J'oe that I would do things his way. I want to learn ASP anyway and this will be useful. But oh my fellow monks. How, I ask you, how do we best approach those who do not see the blessed light of PERL? It's my language of choice. It's easy to use and it's free! I have yet to see an site.

How can we help people like J'oe? How can we get them to "hug the penguin"?

May all your perls be round and shiny.