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Your $rec variable is actually a reference to an array. You should dereference it, for example by writing my @rray = @$rec;, or, TIMTOWTDI:
#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; my @accounts = ("A x1 B y1 C z1 D v1 E w1 F", "A x2 B y2 C zzz2 D v2 E w2 F", "A x3 B y3 C z3 D v3 E w3 F", "A x4 B y4 C z4 D v4 E wwww4 F", "A x5 B y5 C z5 D v5 E w5 F", "A x6 B y6 C z6 D v6 E F"); my @fields = ("A", "B", "C", "D", "E"); sub tweezers_sub { my @accounts_2 = map { [@{{/([A-Z])\s+([a-z]+\d|\s)/g}}{@fields} ] +} @accounts; for my $rec (@accounts_2) { print "'" . join("' - '", @$rec) . "'\n"; } } tweezers_sub;
This uses a RegEx instead of a split, but you can still see how $rec is dereferenced by writing @$rec.
Hope this helped.
Update: Mixed up referencing and dereferencing. Fixed.
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