Grace to you and peace, fellow monks.

Guess what?! You remember J'oe, the one who disliked Perl. I mentioned him a few days ago. Ole J'oe, my erstwhile boss, and around whom the discussion of Perl-prosletyzing vs. Linux-prosletyzing began. Guess what! I got a message from the big boss today. He wants to meet with J'oe and I at 1400 PST today, to discuss the possibility of Perl use and the Linux box I wanted. Pray for me, or code for me, whatever Perl Monks do to help one of their own along. I'll post the results of the meeting after it occurs!

UPDATE:Well, it looks like J'oe turned up sick today and so didn't make the meeting. Speaking alone with the big boss, it looks like I'll be doing basically what was said in the PM comments. Abandoning Linux (only in this context!) in favor of the NT systems. I shall install Perl quickly on it! and I shall continue to code in the blessed of languages! J'oe will come to love Perl, this I say to you this day!

UPDATE2:The meeting has been rescheduled for 1300 today. but I have GOOD news. It looks at though the main server is running Webten with Perl 5.004 support. I may not have to use MacPerl or Win32Perl afterall! I'm happy!