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I've been searching around for a similar sample to jeffas' example of Perl::Tidy code snippet. So I figured, what the hell, let's try a search on ctidy and I came up with a mishmash of pages with a vague reference to jtidy. Which, isn't quite what I was looking for, I think. :(

I'm hoping to find something that will at least do something similar to the example jeffa gave for other languages such as Visual Basic and C/C++. I see a number of web pages that correctly color code things like VB. I'm wondering if there is such a module available. At a minimum, it would be nice to feed source code into a parser and get back HTML code that can be color coordinated via css files.

I tried ctidy and vbtidy and they seem to be out. Then I tried other combinations and variations of VB, C/C++, highlighting, Perl, syntax, keyword searches as well and I generally get back foreign pages or pages to code editors.

I'd be happy with a hint for searching. :-S

Is it fair to stick a link to my site here?

Thanks for you patience.