brian d foy recently released a text density widget that I thought was pretty neat. After hacking out my own, I wondered if it would be possible to make one that would give a graphical representation of syntactically interesting things, rather than just text density.

After finding -- and abusing -- the delightful Syntax-Highlight-Perl, I have created just such a thing. I decided to copy the source code for S::H::P into a new project and bend it to my whims rather than subclassing it because the changes I made were so specific to this particular idea. I tried to stick with the same color scheme ,blue for unimportant things up to red for more important, but it can stand to be tinkered with.

usage : $0 perlfile pngfile
update fixed code... update well, heck. I've apparently run up against some sort of character limit in perlmonks. I'll post a link to the code when I get home from work. Sorry, folks. Nothing to see here right now.