in reply to What time do you think geeks should have to get to work?

My opinion on this is that eventually it won't matter. I think that the further along we get into globalization through the use of the Net, the less dependant we'll become on the Sun to determine the times to get up and go to bed. I beleive that in a number of years, many services will remain open 24 hours a day. Already we have convenience stores and large scale grocery stores (At least the one near my home) that are open 24/7. We have the credit card customer support lines that have people taking calls all night long. I agree with the previous post saying that some degree of cohesion is good and it'll probably remain, but in a mutated form. There'll be those who work in the day, those who work in the evening, and those who work late at night. Folks will probably come in on the hours or half hours, because of the tendency for people to like round numbers. Aside from that they might just come in whenever, knowing that no matter what time they arrive, the client will be there as well. (A rather harrowing prospect)

This will of course have profound changes on the rest of the work "day". In a best case scenario, rush hour will even out and distribute itself across the day, providing a constant low key amount of traffic. Worst case scenario is that rush hour will be permanently bad. We'd also need a drastic shift in the economy, since we're doing good with employing the population in one eight hour shift with only minimum staffing of the other two. At the rate we're going populationwise, we'll have the requisite number of bodies by that time. Nonetheless I think this'll happen in the next 50 years.
Anyone else agree?