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I'm not going to speak for the OP's thoughts, but I myself have been a little surprised at times to see M$ "products" or M$-only environments (like where I work) and Perl together.

In my mind I often equate M$ with closed-ness, death-grip control, and TOWWTDI - There's Only One Way To Do It - the M$ way. I'll have to admit that I have these biases based on my experiences at work and the people here. They'll say, "Perl - we can't use that? It's not on the company's approved software list!" Or they might say, "Perl - who can read it?", when I might argue otherwise.

Furthermore, did you see the OP's sig?

Graciliano M. P.
"Creativity is the expression of the liberty".

Perhaps, like me, the OP thinks like this:

@msProducts = ("Visual InterDev", "ASP", "VB", ...); sub creativity { ... } sub security { ... } sub stability { ... } sub coolness { ... } @whatIWouldLikeToUse = grep creativity, grep security, grep stability, grep coolness, @msProducts; print scalar @whatIWouldLikeToUse; # 0!

, where sub (creativity|security|stability|coolness) are defined such that they always return false whenever they're fed the name of a M$ product or technology. When we run across things that challenge our assumptions, we are surprised. :-) I can understand the OP's surprise.