Item Description:

Review Synopsis: Package to convert between ASCII text and MORSE alphabet.

CPAN LINK: Convert::Morse
CPAN ABSTRACT: Package to convert between ASCII text and MORSE alphabet.
This module caught my eye as yet another 'Cool Use For Perl', appealing to both the avid Perl Programmer and Amateur Radio Hobbyist inside me.
In a nutshell, Convert::Morse converts an ascii string to equivalent International Morse Code dots and dashs and visa-versa. In addition, the module contains a function to check and see if a particular ascii string "is morsable", convertable to a valid morse code string.
Demo Code:

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use Convert::Morse qw(as_ascii as_morse is_morsable); print as_ascii('.... . .-.. .-.. --- -- --- .-. ... .'),"\n"; # 'Hell +o Morse' print as_morse('Perl?'),"\n"; # '.--. . .-. .-.. ..--.. +' print "Yes!\n" if is_morsable('Hello Perl.'); # print "Yes!"
Bug(s) Found:
None immediately found with preliminary testing.
Module Author Noted Limitation:
Can not yet do Japanese code nor German Umlaute.

Final Thoughts:
With further tinkering I found this module to be quite useful in converting English text to valid dot-dash-spaces International Morse Code; indeed another Cool Use For Perl for both die-hard those who are both Die-Hard Perl Programmers and Radio Enthusiasts alike.
UPDATE:There is indeed only one International Morse Code recognized by International Treaty that does not include japanese or umlaute character sets; Thanks to theorbtwo for pointing that out.