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I'm using a home-rolled OO helper class. Its a simple subclass of Class::MethodMaker -- basically my subclass allows the naming of 'required' fields, and the constructor asserts if an object is created lacking a required field.

My question: if I have a class Foo (built with my OO helper class), is there a nice way to subclass it (creating "BigFoo"), keeping Foo setters and getters, and adding in some new "big" functionality and methods, allowing me to add functionality to the subclass with all the niceness of Class::MethodMaker? That is, can I subclass a C:MM class using something like C:MM, to get all those convenient helper construction methods?

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Sorry my question was not clear.

I know I can subclass classes built with C:MM... I'd like to build those subclasses using C:MM:

package BigFoo; use base 'Foo'; # bogus code, just to give the idea use Class::MethodMaker subclassof => 'Foo', get_set => [ qw /BigFoo BigBaz/ ], list => [qw(BigList)];