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Well there are some other options. The apache version, which works ok, is here at the site(use a mirror!). This will get you "Perl/Apache/mod_perl/mod_ssl/php" and either Apache1 or Apache2 flavors for win32, but no MySQL. For that, you should go right to the source: for a win32 binary distribution.

Another way to do it would be using the NuSphere distro. They do win32 versions of apache,perl,php,etc and also offer a win32 port of PostgreSQL called UltraSQL. They sell tools, but the distros are free, with a bit of registration and the occasional email newsletter. :(

In my experience, the binary distros are nice, if the things you plan to use are included, but they can be much more difficult if you need to recompile other modules, with sources. Good luck! --bibo