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I thought I'd try Set::Array for myself, but it in turn wants Want, which I downloaded as well. But an attempt to "use Want;" pukes "Can't locate loadable object for module Want in @INC (@INC contains: c:\perl\lib c:\perl\site\lib .)" on me.

Yipes. This was after I put it into c:\perl\site\lib (and then into c:\perl\lib, with a shrug). Oddly enough, putting the Set::Array source into c:\perl\site\lib\Set\ seemed to make "use Set::Array;" work fine. It started spitting up when it in turn tried to use Want.

So what am I missing? I couldn't find any installation notes on the CPAN pages for either Set::Array or Want. Please help.

I don't mean to take this discussion off course, but just thought I'd explore one of the suggested solutions. I try to do this from time to time, simply out of curiosity and wanting to learn more and in hopes my brain will retain it (try to get new stuff in faster than the old stuff falls out).