1) I'm new to this and this is the best place I could find to put this, if I'm wrong, please let me know.

2) I'm on Windoze. Linux may be free, but I play lots of Win32/NT based games.

I currently run WinXP and had a little trouble finding how to put Perl on it. I have ActiveState Perl now, but under "Perl Installation" in the Getting Started With Perl part of the Tutorials, there isn't one for Windows.

I suggest the following be added:

Installing Perl on a Windows PC

Simply go to ActiveState's ActivePerl Download Site and either fill in the blanks or not and click "Next". Download the MSI package for Windows if you want the Uninstall option or the AS package if you don't care about that option. Simply run the MSI (an executable) and follow the installation guidelines.

You can now write Perl programs in any text editor and run them through the Command Prompt.

Am I completely out of line with this, or is this okay? I know MS products are generally frowned upon, but some people who like to just dabble a bit do have their OS.

Well, cheers,