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All, I have tried to delete every line that has the string ID:a-z-0-9 or ID:* and cannot get it to work. Any help would be much appreciated! Here is the data file
ID:8F03F770.3E6A0B05.00000200.5E0263D7, (E00123), (E00540), (E00216), (E00313), (E00486), (E00112), (E00822), (E00792), (E00774), (E00623), (E00022), (E00188), (E00017), (E00075), (E00055), ID:500460E9.BB25AD46.00000200.3E044511,
I do not want the string ID:* and ideally only Exxxx w.out the ( ) or , thank you!