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I had a problem using this script - it wouldn't let me log in because I have spaces in my username ('$code or die').

I had to make a change to line 326 - in the runserver sub. It's looking for the following: /^LOGIN: (\S+) (\S+)$/ Which wouldn't work in my case because it will find: 'LOGIN: $code or die ****' so it thinks that 'or' is my password and there are things after it.

I guess that most PerlMonks users have a one-word username, but I found that the following modification will work for me and anyone else:

/^LOGIN: (.+) (\S+)$/ I hope that spaces aren't allowed in passwords too - otherwise you'll have to do this without a regex.

Another way around this would be to change the line (1057) in the Ok_Click sub:
&getFromServer("LOGIN $un $pw");
to something like : &getFromServer("LOGIN $un-:-$pw");

Then you could change the regex above to: /^LOGIN: (.+)-:-(.+)$/

-:- is probably not a very good delimiter but it would probably work.

Anyway - apart from that - monkchat is great - I love it!

UPDATED: changed the regex strings from (.*) to (.+).