Okay, so recently, I had just come back from a long day of classes and work, and I decided to add a new meditation. I started to write just a stream of consiousness. I put down some of my thoughts about voting practices here, my experiences on the site in general, and even a rather large confession along with a solicitation for forgiveness. It wasn't really anything about Perl, but more about the site. And it was as I said before, an outpouring of my mind. I was planning on adding another paragraph or two, when all of a sudden, Netscape crashed and burned. My work was destroyed. I was mildly annoyed to say the least, and to this day, I have not had the time or inclination to write it all out again. Aside from the confession, it was mostly garbage.

But this raises an interesting question in my mind. How many of you have started to prepare nodes that were never submitted. How many nodes were unborn, and what would they have said?

Of course the true lesson here is "Write your nodes in your editor of choice and THEN upload them, but still...