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As mentioned, LWP is probably much better than what you're trying.. If you want to experiment, you might look at the LWP::UserAgent module.. it is cool because it has great options and you can politely identify yourself. However I found the documentation a bit abstruse.. so below is a quick example that might help..

use LWP; my $finaldata; my $query_url = ''; sub get_pagesum { + my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new( agent => ''); + my $response = $ua->get("$query_url", + ':content_cb' => \&gen64, + ); + } + + sub gen64 { + my($data, $response, $protocol) = @_; + return $finaldata .= $data; + } # whatever you got off the last request # should now be contained in $finaldata
(In my case I was sending $finaldata off to be md5 checksummed.)

Of course, if your file contains a list of URLs you must fetch, then you'll be carrying out the procedure for each line in the file...