Update 2004-10.Oct-19: Due to many concerns, both public and private, this proposal has been withdrawn.

I've forgotten where, now, but I visited a site last week with some example Perl code listings. The code was highlighted much as it might be in Komodo, Emacs, Vi, &c..

Our <code> tags are used mostly for Perl code, but sometimes for other forms of text. So, if the Monestary added code highlighting support, we'd need to have a way of specifying what counts as "Perl code" and what is just a block of preformatted text (without using the <pre> tags. The two that pop into my head are an attribute:

# I've needed to escape slashes in HTML tags... <code type='perl'>print("This is perl code");<\/code> # or <code type='noperl'>This is output, or some non-perl code<\/code>
Or a special tag:
<pcode>Perl code </pcode> #or <notcode>Not code </notcode>

Only one of either pair would need to be implemented: e.g. if <pcode> tags were used, the default <code> tags would be non-perl code. And vice-versa.

I am willing to apply my less-than-saintly coding skills to do the work, but I'm curious before I start: is this something the Monestary would like? If so, how should it work? Restrictions, ideas?