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if ($self->hungry()) { $self->go_eat(); return; } if ($theater->is_open() && $self->wants_movie()) { $self->go_watch_movie(); return; } ....

If it is important that the maintainer notice that each choice is mutually exclusive, then make them extremely obviously mutually exclusive.

Also, Ovid is discussing the fact that most if-statements are of a form that would be better written as a switch statement. Additionally, switch statements, in Perl, are nearly always better written as dispatch tables. And, if you really want a dispatch table, try the following:

my @dispatch = ( [ sub { $_[0]->is_hungry }, sub { $_[0]->go_eat } ], ); foreach my $choice (@dispatch) { next unless $choice->[0]->( $self ); $choice->[1]->( $self ); last; }

There's no rule that says dispatch tables have to be hashes of subrefs.

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