Hi all, wise monks lurking in the monastery,

I have spent some time here with a proficous enhancement of my Perl skill.

My first quest-script was, two years ago, a recursion through a directory tree that was so difficult to imagine for me in these days (thanks to tachyon).

If you visit my homenode you 'll know why I want to learn Perl: Perl is BEAUTIFULL, clever and fast and make easy simple jobs and possible difficult ones.

I have a lucky long term job like NTsysAdm and I have always hope that my Perl scripting skill will avoid me to learn VB (VB that provoke me gastric pain but was the language of my 'boss').

In these 2 years,(many many thanks to Ovid for his fondamental course about CGI, to dada for his exceptional talent in Win32 problems,to BrowserUk for the inestimable fast and continous support in OLE hack and all, thanks to all monks that spend time to help other monks!),in these 2 years I have developped a suit of Perl scripts to manage automagically all my job concerning IIS hosting administration (2991 sites on 12 machines), including CGI web interface to modify on the fly remote IIS properties, ODBC connections, registry values, NTFS permissions involving remote-local users, synchronization of the identities, checking the disk's space with pie graphs, a SQLite query tool to investigate the domain...

Then my 'boss' is gently shifted to .NET and C# and To save my work-space I have tryed to give him a SOAP interface to connect to my services and here have started the disaster.. I was asking many times how to make SOAP::Lite webservice accessible by a C# client (see 297255) because it seems to my not-so-expert mind that the WSDL generator is not so efficient and C# client need a wsdl file to access the service. I am not able like Rhandom to modify the tools to generate a correct wsdl file (see 391566).

So tomorrow I'll start my first lesson of C# with my 'boss' and I'm not afraid to learn something new, I'm afraid because my Perl effort was wasted time and not appreciated by anyone here at my job and considered only "an exercise".

So in the next year I will learn C#, I 'll make my job of SA by hand because I'll not have the time to update my Perl scripts and I will be sad 'cause I'll use a very proprietary language that works only in a proprietary environment and, I suppose reading some .cs files, make not easy easy things and dreadfull complex tasks.

The voracious SeaShark is devouring my Perl of wisdom.

See you all in my spare time and many many thanks to all. FIGHT THEM ALL.

cheers from Roma Lor*