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y = f(x,h,i) where f=g(h(x),i(x)) ... sound like programming? Or math?

Functional Programming IS basically math, just with exceedingly arbitrary functions doing exceedingly arbitrary tasks. The deeper you go, the theories included all dwell on running time, effiency, statistics, probability ... but usually one doesn't have to go that deep. Graph theory is math. Discrete math is math. Regular expressions ARE Finite Automata, and that's definitely math -- with pretty circles and arrows. Programs are Turing Machines. That's totally math. NP-completeness. Definitely math.

Math is the genesis of science and the glue which the rules of our universe are built upon... Words we could do without, we could have never invented them. But math would exist without our invention of it...

Remember there was computer science before computers!

Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes. E. W. Dijkstra