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I think it's cute :-)

And it made me think of this monster I just concocted to create an include() function for use in Text::Template templates (called from CGI::Application):

sub template { my ($self,$filename,@args) = @_; # create include subroutine in template package if none exists. if (!*Bug::Reporter::In::Template::include{CODE}) { *Bug::Reporter::In::Template::include = sub { $self->template(shift(),@args,@_); }; } $self->load_tmpl($filename)->fill_in( PACKAGE => 'Bug::Reporter::In::Template', HASH => { application => $self, @args } ); } # just to clarify: I'm overriding CGI::Application's load_tmpl(): sub load_tmpl { my ($self, $file) = @_; require Text::Template; return Text::Template->new( UNTAINT => 1, TYPE => 'FILE', SOURCE => $self->tmpl_path()."/$file", ) || die $Text::Template::ERROR; }

Let's just hope no-one will run this across multiple threads (though Text::Template will probably break on that anyway).

update: spelling

update2: now that I think about it, it's probably a lot better to just call {$app->template('filename')} in the template.