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Going past the fact that this is sick and wrong for the moment, and what he'll do when he finds out what it is...

What's with the whitespace? You have lines 1, 4, 5, and 14 being nothing but whitespace for no discernable reason, but don't indent lines 16 and 18 to show that they're part of a loop.

You create a new LWP::UserAgent for every line in /home/steven/error-codes; it would have been much more efficent to do so once, outside of the loop.

You page him with the same sequence of error codes at the same time every night, which will probably be a bit suspicious after the first couple nights.

You're creating a lot of billable (likely at overtime) hours for your co, and management isn't going to be happy with that. Add that to the fact that the guy they apparently like quite a bit more then you is going to call for you to be fired, killed, and then sued, you likely won't work there anymore.

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