in reply to how to use several modules by default?

In playing around to answer your question, I've found some interesting things:
[swiftone@swiftone /usr/local/src]$ perl -MData::Dumper -MText::Templa +te -e'print "hi"'
works fine.
#!/usr/bin/perl -w -MText::Template -MData::Dumper 1;
Bombs, because it tries to treat -MData::Dumper as part of the Text::Template call (in fact, anything after the first -M is thus treated. Alternate forms of -M listed in perlrun don't seem to change this)

Setting PERL5OPT acts as the second case. Does anyone know why?

Anyways, to answer your question, if you are going to go this route, define your own module that just loads the other modules you want. Then include that module via PERL5OPT