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First of all zzspectrez , let me say that this is an excellent example of what every post should look like. Sample code, input, output and good description. ++ for that alone.

Second of all, regarding changing the value of $". Messing with any special variable when you are not obfuscating and have a perfectly good other way to do it is a bad idea. Sometihng like assigning a new value to one of these beasties can have really strange unpredictable effects as you expand your code and, should you miss you did it somewhere else or should you call a sub that was altered for one purpose by changing one of these, you will quickly get yourself really confused. Fastolfe suggests looking into join above and I have to urge you to do the same. That would look sometihng like :

print "SUB4: 2nd way\n"; for my $x (@data){ print join "", @$x, "\n"; }
If you feel you must change $" then try and use local on your change so that it is really constricted to the one place you need the change to be in effect.
<myExperience> $mostLanguages = 'Designed for engineers by engineers.'; $perl = 'Designed for people who speak by a linguist.'; </myExperience>