Fellow monks,

I just have created an extension for Firefox called Monk Links. It creates a new context menu entry (Copy link as PM shortcut) that copies links from, or to the clipboard while transforming it to the internal site format.

For example, if you invoke the context menu on a link like,

and choose Copy link as PM shortcut, the text


will end up in your system's clipboard.

Then you can easily paste it wherever you want. In your article, the CB, etc.

Tested on WindowsXP and Firefox 1.0 only. Let me know if it does not work for your system.

download version 0.2
download version 0.3

To install you need to save the xpi-file to disk and then do
File->open file->open monklinks.xpi
That is because the perlmonk-server does not send the correct mime-type for the xpi-file. I'll contact jcwren to fix that.

You also have to restart Firefox after the install to make it work (just as with any other extension).

Added support for, www is now optional.

Added .htaccess file as adviced by The Mad Hatter

Added version 0.3 that copes with cpan:// and kobes:// links and links from

bart has made various upgrades to the extension. However, there's still the version problem. In barts version runs only till FF 2.0. To get it run a in higher version do the following:

holli, /regexed monk/