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I am currently parsing a relatively simple XML file with the following form with XML::Simple
<meta fpi="1234567890"> <isbn>1-234-56789-0</isbn> <edition>First</edition> <authorgroup> <author> <firstname>John</firstname> <surname>Smith</surname> <authorblurb url=""/> </author> </authorgroup> <pagenums>384</pagenums> <pubdate>October 2001</pubdate> <subjectset> <subject>some.lame.subject</subject> <subject>another.lame.subject</subject> </subjectset> <publisher> <publishername>Publisher Inc.</publishername> <imprintname>Publisher Inc.</imprintname> </publisher> ... </meta>
The problem I encounter is when I am done "parsing" and separating this data, I do an XMLout($data) but my new data looks like the following.
<imeta edition="First" fpi="0123456790" isbn="0-123-456789-0" msrp="39 +.95" pagenums="384" pubdate="October 2001"> <authorgroup name="author" firstname="John" surname="Smith"> <authorblurb url="" /> </authorgroup> ..
Notice how previous tags are now attribute identifiers. Is there a way for XML::Simple to preserve the exact XML structure of my original file when I call XMLout? I don't think it is too much to ask to have the same tags on output. Am I missing an option in XMLout?