in reply to Chapter 714: The Long Chapter

You seem to imply that Princepawn's relentless discourses have an important harrowing effect, by constantly forcing us to reevaluate our position. The implication is that he's a Judas figure-- someone who does something despicable that is nontheless necessary.

For another Biblical example, consider the story of David and Bathsheba. If you don't know the story, King David of Israel has an affair with another man's wife, gets her pregnant, indirectly murders her husband, and then marries her. A prophet brings this fact to life and tells him God will judge him for these things, by taking away David's wife, killing the child, and plaguing him with war. It also turns that Solomon, David's successor and son, was a child of Bathsheba. Clearly God did not approve of David's actions, and still used the results to good ends.

The moral is that good things can still come from the actions of Judas figures, not that Judas figures are necessary for good things to occur.