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Good evening fellow monks!!

I have this code I have been using that copies files between windows computers on a local network. Some of the files are quite large (100+megs) and can take up to 2 minutes to transfer. This is no problem, but sometimes leaves you wondering if your program is still running or has it crashed. So I was wondering how I could implement some kind of copy progress status.

The following code is what I came up with. What do the fellow monks think? Any suggestions? Improvements?

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; sub CopyFileProgress ( ) { my $src = shift; my $dst = shift; my $callback = shift; my $num_read; my $num_wrote; my $buffer; my $perc_done = 0; open (SRC, "< $src") or die "Could not open source file [$src]: $! +\n"; open (DST, "> $dst") or die "Could not open destination file [$dst +]: $!\n"; binmode SRC; binmode DST; my $filesize = (-s $src) or die "File has zero size.\n"; my $blksize = int ($filesize / 10); while (1) { $num_read = sysread(SRC, $buffer, $blksize); last if ($num_read == 0); + die ("Error reading from file [$src]: $!\n") if (!defined($num +_read)); my $offset = 0; while ($num_read){ $num_wrote = syswrite(DST,$buffer,$num_read,$offset); die ("Error writing to file [$dst]: $!\n") if (!defined($n +um_wrote)); $num_read -= $num_wrote; $offset += $num_wrote; } $perc_done += 10 unless $perc_done == 100; &$callback($perc_done) or die ("Copy canceled.\n"); } } sub FileProgress () { my $percent = shift; print "$percent% done\n"; return 1; } if (@ARGV == 2) { my $source = shift @ARGV; my $destination = shift @ARGV; &CopyFileProgress($source,$destination,\&FileProgress); }else{ print "\n\nUSAGE: <source filename> <destination filename> +\n\n"; }