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I need to be able to open a file in binary mode, then search for a specific string of hexadecimal numbers and replace each character with the hexadecimal character 00. The problem I have is that the string I'm searching for will vary in length and content. Each string will start with the same characters (31,33,39,37) and end with the same character (00). However, each string will contain different characters between the beginning (31,33,39,37) and end (00) as well as being different lengths. This is what the code looks like right now:
binmode STDIN; binmode STDOUT; $/ = '1397'; while (<>) { s/1397$/\0\0\0\0/; print; }
How can I tell the program to start replacing characters when it encounters 1397 and then stop replacing characters when it encounters a 0? Is there some sort of wildcard character that I can use that will replace every character it encounters?